21 Fun Ways How To Teach Scriptures In Your Homeschool

One of the ways how to incorporate faith into your homeschooling is by teaching them is by choosing a Christ-centered curriculum where Bible scriptures are usually (and supposedly) included in good measure.

If you’re looking for creative ways to how to teach those scriptures at home, then look no further! Here are 21 fun activities that will help your children learn and retain important biblical truths.

1. Scripture Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of Bible verses and hide them around your house or backyard. Give your children clues to find each verse and have them recite it once they find it.

2. Bible-themed Scavenger Hunt

Hide objects or pictures related to different Bible stories or themes around your home or yard. Have your children find each item and discuss its relevance to the Bible.

3. Bible Charades

Write down Bible stories or characters on slips of paper and have your children act them out for the family to guess.

4. Bible Trivia

Create a trivia game with questions about different Bible stories and characters. You can make it a competition between your children or work together as a family.

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5. Scripture Memorization with Music

Find songs that incorporate scripture and have your children learn and sing them. This will help them memorize verses in a fun and engaging way. A few artists who create children’s songs based on the Bible include the following. Click on their name for their websites and YT to go to their youtube channels (not affiliated).

These artists incorporate scripture verses into their lyrics, making it enjoyable and effortless for children to memorize and remember important biblical truths.

6. Bible Verse Art

Have your children create artwork inspired by their favorite Bible verses. Display their creations around your home as a reminder of God’s word.

7. Bible Journaling

Encourage your children to keep a journal where they can write down their favorite Bible verses and reflect on what they mean to them.

8. Bible Storytelling

Have your children retell their favorite Bible stories in their own words. This will help them internalize the stories and understand the lessons within them.

9. Bible Puzzles

Create Bible-themed puzzles such as crossword puzzles or word searches using key Bible verses or stories.

10. Bible Reading Challenge

Challenge your children to read a certain number of Bible verses or chapters each day or week. This will help them develop a habit of reading and studying God’s word.

11. Bible-themed Board Games

There are several board games available that are inspired by stories and themes from the Bible. Playing these games with your children can be a fun and interactive way to teach them about scripture.

Some examples of board games inspired by stories and themes from the Bible include Bibleopoly, Apples to Apples Bible Edition, and Bible Taboo.

12. Bible-themed Crafts

Create crafts that are inspired by different Bible stories or themes such as making a Noah’s Ark out of paper plates, creating a paper chain with different verses, or making a collage inspired by a particular Psalm.

13. Bible-themed Cooking

Cook a meal with your children that is inspired by a story or theme from the Bible. For example, you could make a loaf of bread to represent Jesus as the “bread of life” or cook a meal from the book of Daniel to teach about eating healthy.

14. Bible-themed Science Experiments

There are several science experiments that can be done to teach your children about different concepts from the Bible. For example, you could do an experiment that demonstrates the concept of forgiveness or one that shows the importance of working together.

15. Bible-themed Movie Nights

Watch a movie that is based on a Bible story or theme and have a discussion with your children afterwards about the lessons and themes presented in the movie.

16. Bible-themed Field Trips

Plan a field trip to a location that is relevant to a Bible story or theme such as a visit to a local farm to teach about the parable of the sower or a visit to a local aquarium to teach about the story of Jonah.

17. Bible-themed Nature Walks

Take a walk in nature with your children and use the opportunity to teach them about different concepts from the Bible such as the beauty of God’s creation, the importance of taking care of the environment, or the concept of renewal and growth.

18. Bible-themed Dress-up

Have your children dress up as different characters from the Bible and act out scenes from different stories. This can be a fun and interactive way to teach them about scripture.

19. Bible Story Dramatization

Have your children act out a scene from a Bible story or create a play based on a Bible theme. This will help them understand the story and its context in a more tangible way.

20. Bible-themed Writing Prompts

Encourage your children to write stories, poems, or essays inspired by different Bible stories or themes. This will help them develop their writing skills while also internalizing the lessons from the Bible.

21. Bible-themed Chore Charts

Create a chore chart with different Bible verses or themes to help your children learn about different concepts such as responsibility, obedience, and service.


These are just a few examples of the many fun and creative ways you can teach scripture to your homeschooling children. By incorporating these activities into your daily routine, you can help your children grow in their knowledge and understanding of God’s word.

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