8 Best House Cleaning Schedule Apps for the Whole Family

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Cleaning is a necessary part of life, even if you don’t enjoy it. When your kitchen feels sticky, there are dirty dishes in the sink, a strange odor in the fridge, and a pile of dirty laundry, it can be overwhelming. But don’t stress, this is a common problem. Instead of relying on a paper or mental checklist, consider using a house cleaning app.

Using a cleaning app for your house can help you build good habits, become more organized, and clean faster with a well-planned schedule. There are plenty of house cleaning apps available for both iPhones and Androids that can help you make your schedule more efficient or create a new one.

These apps send reminders to do tasks such as washing dishes, cleaning the toilet, and changing bed sheets. Additionally, they offer advice on how to clean more efficiently.

What are the best apps for house cleaning?

1. Tody

Tody is a smart cleaning app that helps you keep track of your cleaning tasks. It uses a color-coded system to prioritize tasks and reminds you when it’s time to clean. You can also create custom cleaning plans and schedules. Additionally, Tody allows you to collaborate with family members or roommates to divide and conquer cleaning tasks. Think of it as a smarter to-do list that turns cleaning into a game, motivates you, and helps you track progress.

Credits: Tody

Great app to help me with keeping relatively on top of cleaning and managing my ADHD. The app is flexible and simple, so not too overwhelming just takes a bit to set up when you start using it. I had someone do that for me. Especially the “start over” function is a life saver when I let things pile up and get out of control. It offers to give a blank slate and spread out all cleaning task due dates so I don’t get discouraged and give up. – Gise W.

Available on: App Store | Google Play

2. Clean My House

Clean My House is an app that provides easy to navigate cleaning checklist and a schedule for regular cleaning tasks. Users can also set a cleaning reminder and receive notifications when it’s time to clean.

Credits: Clean my House

Available on: Google Play

3. Home Routines

Home Routines is an app that simplifies home cleaning. You can use pre-set cleaning tasks or create your own routine. It also has a zone cleaning feature, which helps you clean your home in sections. You can set reminders and track your progress, and even import/export routines. The app allows you to create a checklist, mark completed tasks, and gives you a gold star for each one. The lists can be set to reset every morning, week, or month. The app is easy to customize and use, and you can edit and sync your lists online for free across all your devices.

Credits: Home Routines

I’ve been using this app for the better part of 10 years and it is seriously the most underrated to-do, routine app out there. I’ve downloaded many other apps and nothing compares to this one, I always end up coming back! It’s fully customizable, in ways I’m still discovering. The schedule which used to work for me no longer does so I deleted everything and started over, completely redoing all of my “routines”.  – Anne Q.

Available on: App Store

4. FlyLadyPlus

FlyLadyPlus is an app that follows the FlyLady system, which focuses on cleaning and decluttering the home in small, manageable steps. It includes a timer and a customizable cleaning schedule. The app also includes a section for decluttering and organizing your home. FlyLadyPlus allows you to set up reminders for various tasks, and it integrates with Google Calendar.

Credits: FLY Premium Services, Inc.

I love the interface–so attractive and easy to use. No learning curve. I just opened the app and could start using it right away, which meant I could start tackling the chaos in my house right away. I also love that the lists are preset and also customizable, so I already have something to work with. And as always, FlyLady’s daily encouragement is the magic boost I need to cheer me on! – Lola W.

Available on: App Store | Google Play

5. OurHome

OurHome is an app for assigning tasks and rewarding completed chores. It includes a shopping list, family calendar, and recurring task feature for regular cleaning. Parents can motivate kids to take responsibility and reward them for their efforts. The app also has a shared grocery list and calendar for family coordination.

Credits: OurHome

This is an exceptional app! It took time to find an app that my whole family, including my 5yr old, could use. It was important to not only be functional but also user friendly. I love the layout and the reward tracking system made it quite easy to encourage my children to not only use the app but actually get their chores done. It was easy to setup on everyone’s device so the whole family had there own interface and could make there own updates. The kids love it! – Leana

Available on: App Store | Google Play

6. Homey – Chores and Allowance

Homey – Chores and Rewards is an app that helps organize your household. Assign tasks to family members, and reward them for completing them. The app includes a calendar and shopping list to stay organized, and you can track task completion time. It’s a great app for teaching kids about chores and money. Kids can earn money by doing tasks like taking out the trash, cleaning their room, or mowing the grass. Set responsibilities to teach kids that everyone needs to contribute.

Credits: Homey

I’ve been using Homey for a few weeks now, and it’s becoming one of my favourite apps. …This has been the first app that got my kids doing chores consistently, and without me nagging. – Megan K.

Available on: App Store | Google Play | Amazon

7. Spotless

Spotless is an app that helps you keep track of your cleaning tasks and schedules, with customizable plans and reminders. It also offers cleaning tips. Manage household tasks like a pro with task lists for each room, helping you plan your time and stay on top of chores. The app is easy to use with a clean interface. Get a spotless home with Spotless.

Credits: Spotless

It’s so simple and easy to use. I had been searching for days for a simple, good cleaning app that would help me with a cleaning schedule. I get so overwhelmed trying to clean house all in one day and finally found a schedule that worked for me, but I wanted a way to keep it all organized. This app is perfect for that. Like I said before, it’s so simple and easy to use. The programmed areas and tasks are so helpful, but I love being able to rename areas and add my own tasks. Best $2 I’ve ever spent to get the unlimited tasks. – S.G.

Available on: App Store | Google Play

8. Sweepy

Sweepy is an app that provides a cleaning schedule and task list, which can be shared with your family to turn the cleaning routine into a game. The app includes a reminder system to help you stay on track with your cleaning. Additionally, Sweepy offers advice on how to clean more efficiently and effectively.

Credits: Sweepy

So good. After a year of trying so many other strategies to get my two housemates to pull their weight and/or stay on top of things, this app was able to show that they weren’t doing enough, and to give a very clear strategy to improve! – Wootzel G.

Available on: App Store | Google Play


Whether you want to assign tasks to family members, follow a pre-set cleaning routine, or turn cleaning into a game for kids, there is an app for everyone. Using these house cleaning apps can help you stay organized and motivated to keep your home clean and tidy.

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