Best Millennial Mom Blogs For Parenting And Lifestyle Content (2023)

Millennial moms are an amazing and diverse group of mothers who share many common values and priorities. They’re looking for a fulfilling and balanced lifestyle that includes both their professional ambitions and their family life. Unlike previous generations, millennial moms prioritize careers that allow them to be present and engaged parents while also pursuing their professional goals. They believe in finding a healthy and sustainable balance between work and family life.

So, not only do millennial moms have to juggle work and family, but they’re also super tech-savvy. They use social media to connect with other moms, share their parenting tips and advice, and find support and a sense of community. Social media is like a lifesaver for millennial moms, helping them navigate the challenges of parenthood and find their tribe of like-minded people.

Another priority for millennial moms is healthy and sustainable living. They are conscious of the impact their choices have on the environment and care about the world they are leaving for their children and strive to make a positive impact by making sustainable choices in their everyday lives.

Here, we present the millennial mom blogs that offer a mix of parenting advice, lifestyle content, and personal essays, all while reflecting the values and priorities of this unique generation of mothers.

Millennial Mom Blogs to Follow

Mommy Shorts

This blog offers a mix of parenting advice and humor, along with beautiful photography. You can also find her bookThe Mommy Shorts Guide to Remarkably Average Parenting,” which provides personal stories meant to prepare readers for the everyday moments of parenting.

Run by Ilana Wiles, a mom of two based in New York City. She started the blog full-time in 2013 and has since become a popular parenting influencer, with 170k followers on Instagram as @mommyshorts.

The Mama Notes

This blog has a clean and modern aesthetic and offers tips on motherhood, style, and children’s activities. Some of the top posts on this blog are her recommendations and reviews on stylish and comfortable maternity clothing.

Run by a mom of three, Caitlin Kruse, sharing her motherhood journey and recommendations. She’s over in Instagram as well as @themamanotes.

The Mom Edit

This blog focuses on stylish and practical fashion for moms, along with parenting advice and lifestyle content. Some of the top posts on this blog are their recommendations and reviews on swimsuits that are flattering and functional for moms.

Find them on Instagram: @themomedit


This site offers a mix of pregnancy, parenting, and lifestyle content for moms “from conception to college”. They also offer recommend top products for other moms and talk about relationships, relationships, health and wellness, family life, mental health, career guidance that matter to modern women.

Founded by two millennial moms who are an award-winning journalist and an experienced business strategy consultant, they partnered with other experts to create a community for modern moms. The site has since grown to become a leading parenting resource, with a team of writers and contributors.

Find them on Instagram:

Cup of Jo

This lifestyle blog covers everything from motherhood to culture to style, with a focus on thoughtful and authentic content. You’ll find that most of the posts have engaged readership. The comments give the blog more value. The popular posts on this blog cover inspiration for the home and lifestyle.

Run by Joanna Goddard, a mom of two based in Brooklyn. She started the blog in 2007 as a way to share her love of design, food, and travel, and has since become one of the most popular lifestyle blogs on the internet. Find her on Instagram: @cupofjo

Hey Mama

This blog and community offers resources and support for working moms, along with lifestyle and career advice.

Founded and managed by career-driven moms who wanted to create a community and resource for working moms, the site features articles and advice on everything from work insights to self-care. Find them on Instagram: @heymamaco

The Everymom

This provides relatable and practical parenting tips, from pregnancy to home living. Some of the popular posts on this blog provides tips and inspiration for designing a nursery that is stylish and affordable.

The site features a team of writers and contributors who cover a wide range of topics related to motherhood. Find them on Instagram: @theeverymom


We hope this list of the top millennial mom blogs has inspired you and provided you with valuable resources and insights. Each of these blogs offers a unique perspective on motherhood, and we encourage you to visit them to find the one that resonates with you the most. Whether you’re looking for parenting advice, fashion inspiration, or just some honest and relatable content, these blogs have it all. Happy reading!

I’m hoping to make it to this list and provide highly valuable content for other millennial moms like me! Keep reading from our blog, mama. 😉

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