Honest Truths About Being a Homeschooling Mom

The stereotype of the homeschooling mom is that she is superwoman – constantly working, rarely sleeping, and fully devoted to her kids’ education above all else. In reality, homeschooling moms are imperfect yet dedicated, balancing responsibilities and relationships, successes and struggles, just like any other mom.

They do not give up their own lives, interests, and identities for homeschooling. Though the job is demanding, homeschooling moms maintain their own support networks, pursue hobbies and passions, set boundaries, and make time for themselves. They are not superheroes but ordinary women doing extraordinary work. Homeschooling is a lifestyle, not a sacrifice.

Here are some other things you as a homeschooling mom may identify with. But I hope you read this keeping in mind that we are all different. If you think you’re not struggling with most of these, then that’s great! You’re one of maybe the minority that manages everything well or have been well into this season.

What are the challenges in being a homeschooling mom?

1. Homeschooling can be exhausting.

We feel the need to work constantly. There are always lessons to plan, materials to prepare, assignments to grade for some, activities to coordinate, and schedules to manage. The work feels ongoing and never-ending. Every minute of every day is filled with responsibilities as there are rarely any breaks.

Not only is every minute scheduled with back-to-back activities in and out of the house, but homeschooling moms must also ensure their children’s diverse and changing needs are being met at each moment. Sometimes it could feel that personal time and independence are luxuries rarely afforded due to the constant demands of the job.

Between waking up early to start each day, staying up late to finish daily tasks, and the constant mental demands of managing everything, sleep is a scarce resource. Insomnia and exhaustion are common issues, yet there are always more responsibilities to attend to.

Make time for personal self-care, momma!

2. Technical requirements add to the challenge.

There are paperworks, emails, spreadsheets, lesson plans, assessments, and administrative duties required to manage a homeschool effectively and may seem never-ending. Keeping up with technology and its role in facilitating learning and management proves demanding.

3. It’s not all-easy meeting each child’s emotional and social needs.

While homeschooling allows for a customized social circle, facilitating social engagement and friendships requires constant effort and coordination to provide opportunities for interaction and support. Ensuring children’s diverse social and emotional needs are being met is an ongoing responsibility.

4. You are much needed for different things, some you may not know how to do/be, at least at first.

Homeschooling moms must serve as teacher, counselor, coach, taskmaster, chef, chauffeur, nurse, accountant, and more—all while meeting the diverse and changing needs of each child. The roles and responsibilities are endless.

But the great consolation is, as a homeschooling mom, we get to know my children deeply and intimately, understand their strengths, weaknesses, interests, and learning styles. There is solace in being so fully present in our children’s lives and able to shape their formative experiences each and every day. The roles may be many, but the impact is life-changing.

5. There’s always the temptation to feel less-than.

We feel immense pressure to provide the perfect curriculum and learning experiences. Especially with social media, we constantly feel like we are not doing enough or that our children are falling behind. There are endless resources, activities, and opportunities out there, yet not enough time in the day to provide them all.

Let us all keep in mind to support one another, share advice and resources, commiserate over struggles, and cheer each other on. Find communities built on understanding, not judgment. Recognize there are many paths to success and homeschooling well.

6. We may have to make big sacrifices for the good of our children.

There might sometimes be no days off when it comes to homeschooling. While ensuring that our children’s diverse and changing needs are being fully met, personal pursuits and desires can sometimes fade into the background, or they would be more challenging to do now.

Though we may feel unable to do things we used to be able to do, we can find new interests and passions that fit well now with our new identity as homeschoolers, until we’re more able to pursue our old dreams.

Personally, it’s doing business and blogging for me! I was working a 7-5 corporate job before. I didn’t think I would ever be an entrepreneur or a blogger but now here I am with my newfound passions.

Remember, our worth is not defined by being the “perfect” homeschooling mom.

7. Homeschooling is not always the cheaper option.

The cost of materials, activities, tutoring, field opportunities to provide children a rich and formative learning experiences, preparing for college admissions, and more can be financially devastating. Though some could avoid school fees, there are still other expenses involved. Homeschooling on a budget requires constant vigilance, decision-making, and saying no.

8. Even other homeschooling moms may disagree with how you homeschool.

There are many ways to homeschool, and what works for one family may not work for another. Talking about different methods often leads to arguments over lessons, standards, activities, schedules, and beliefs. Though homeschooling moms share experiences, they don’t always agree on the best ways to teach kids at home. Comparing approaches can make moms feel like they’re doing it wrong or make them feel judged and pressured to do things the “right” way.

It’s important for homeschooling moms to know there’s no one best way and to respect different opinions. Even with disagreements, a shared goal of helping kids grow and develop brings the community together.

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As one homeschooling mother shared, “Being a homeschool mom is hard work, but also rewarding work. It’s not a job you can just punch a clock on. It’s a lifestyle.” Honesty, teamwork, flexibility, and perseverance are key to thriving in that lifestyle.

Witnessing children learn and grow at their own pace and follow their passions and interests keeps homeschooling moms going despite the difficulties. Seeing children thrive and achieve their potential makes the hard work worthwhile.

A strong partnership and shared responsibilities between parents are essential to success and survival as homeschooling moms. Supporting one another through challenges and celebrating victories together as a team help make the lifestyle sustainable.

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