How to Make Time for Spiritual Reflection: A Guide for Busy Christian Moms

As a Christian mom, I understand how challenging it can be to find time for quiet reflection. With the constant demands of taking care of children, running errands, and managing a household, it can feel impossible to create time for oneself to reflect on God’s word and connect with Him.

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However, I want to encourage you to remember that carving out time for quiet reflection is essential to maintaining a healthy spiritual life and keeping oneself grounded in faith. It may not be easy, but it is worth it.

You are not alone in this struggle, and I believe that with a little creativity and effort, you can find the time you need to connect with God and reflect on your faith.

Creative Ways to Have Spiritual Reflection as a Mom

1. Reflective Journaling

One way to incorporate quiet reflection is through reflective journaling. Taking a few minutes each day to write down thoughts, feelings, and prayers can be a great way to process emotions and connect with God. It can also be helpful for moms who are feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

2. Using Technology

With apps on your phone or laptop, you can incorporate reflection into even the busiest of schedules. Turn on some worship music or sermons while going about daily tasks. Some may even prefer reading their Bibles on a screen (for bigger font sizes) and write their thoughts down on a journaling app.

3. Joining a Small Group

These faith-based groups can provide a supportive environment for reflection and prayer, as well as a social outlet for moms who may be feeling isolated. Faith-based groups or communities can help moms connect with like-minded individuals who are navigating similar challenges.

4. Prayer Walks

Moms can also consider going on prayer walks. This involves taking a walk outside and using the time to talk to God, reflect on His word, or simply enjoy the beauty of nature. Prayer walks can be a great way to incorporate physical activity into a reflection routine. You can even do this with your child and have him/her listen to the sounds around.

Consider making this a part of your self-care routine that you can do with your child.

5. Scripture Memorization

Another way to incorporate quiet reflection is through scripture memorization. Moms can choose a verse or passage to memorize and meditate on throughout the day. I love this idea because it helps us have our minds become saturated with God’s word and be equipped for the challenges of the day.

6. Artistic Expression

For moms who enjoy artistic expression, creating art can be a meditative and reflective activity. Drawing, painting, or even coloring can provide a way to connect with God and reflect on His word. Artistic expression can be a great way to unwind and relax while focusing on faith. You can even do this

7. Seeking Help

Sometimes, seeking help is necessary to find time for quiet reflection. Moms can ask their partner or a family member to watch the children for a short period while they take some time for themselves. Additionally, hiring a babysitter or nanny for a few hours a week can allow for more consistent reflection time.

8. Setting a Schedule

Moms can create a daily or weekly schedule that includes time for reflection. By communicating this schedule with their family, they can ensure that they have the support they need to stick to it and make quiet reflection a consistent part of their routine.

Moms can try to wake up earlier before their children do or stay up later after they have gone to bed. Alternatively, they can try to schedule time for reflection during the day, such as during nap time or while the children are at school.

9. Listening to Podcasts or Audio Books

In today’s world, podcasts and audio books are becoming increasingly popular. As a Christian mom, you can make use of this technology to find time for quiet reflection. There are several Christian podcasts and audio books available that focus on different aspects of faith.

Listening to them regularly can help you learn and grow in your faith when you are doing daily tasks such as cooking, driving, or cleaning. You can also listen to them while taking a walk or exercising. By incorporating these resources into your daily routine, you can make the most of your time and stay connected with God.

10. Establishing Quiet Time Rules

In a household with children, it can be challenging to find a quiet space for reflection. However, you can set some ground rules to create a peaceful environment for yourself and your family. You can establish a specific time of the day when everyone is expected to observe quiet time. During this time, children can engage in quiet activities such as reading or drawing, while you focus on your reflection.

Read more about how John Wesley’s wife, Susanna, made time with God with established boundaries in her home.

Even as a busy mother, she set aside two hours daily to fellowship with God and read His Word. The challenge was finding a private space with a house full of children.

Mother Wesley’s solution was to take her Bible to her favorite chair and create a makeshift tent by throwing her apron over her head. This became her “tent of meeting” where no one disturbed her unless there was an emergency. Everyone in the household, from the youngest toddler to the oldest domestic helper, knew to respect this signal. Here, she prayed for her family and studied the Bible, gaining a profound knowledge of its mysteries.

11. Designating a Quiet Corner

With children running around and making noise, it can be hard to focus on prayer or meditation. Moms can try to find a quiet spot in their homes, such as a corner of a room, or they can try to find a peaceful outdoor location like a park or garden.

You can decorate this space in your home with items that remind you of God’s presence and make it a comfortable place to sit and reflect.


As a busy Christian mom, finding time for spiritual reflection can be challenging, but it is essential for maintaining a healthy spiritual life. By finding a quiet space, carving out time in a busy schedule, and using creative methods such as reflective journaling, prayer walks, and artistic expression, moms can incorporate reflection into their daily routines.

Seeking help, setting a schedule, and establishing quiet time rules can also be helpful. Remember that finding time for quiet reflection is worth the effort and can bring a sense of peace and connection to God.

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